Luxembourg Birth Certificate Templates: 1910s

Welcome to the Luxembourg Birth Certificate Template page for the 1910s! I have painstakingly put together templates for transcribing and translating many Luxembourgish civil registrations. I am strictly an amateur, so use at your own discretion! Each line represents a line on the certificate. What I have typed is the printed text, and the blanks are to record the handwritten text. (I always type it in italics to differentiate it from the print.) In each grouping of two lines, the first is the original German or French, and the second is a more or less literal English translation.
Feel free to use any of these in your own research--I would have loved a resource like this when I first began--just copy and paste onto your word processing program. But if you post your results on the internet, please remember to give me credit, and perhaps include a link to my blog. Thanks!
Oh, and speaking of links, heres one back to my main template page.

Luxembourg Birth Certificate 1911

Im Jahre tausend neun hundert und elf, den _____
In the Year one thousand nine hundred and eleven, the _____

des Monats _____ um _____ Uhr _____ mittags ist vor Uns
of the Month of _____ at _____ o'clock _____ noon is before Us

_____ Beamten des Zivilstandes
_____ Officials of the Civil State

der Gemeinde _____ , im Kanton _____ , Großher=
of the Commune of _____ , in the Canton _____ , Grand-

zogtum Luxemburg, erschienen _____
duchy of Luxembourg, appeared _____

alt _____ Jahre _____
aged _____ Years _____

wohnhaft zu _____ , welcher Uns ein Kind _____
residing in _____ , which to us a child of the _____

Geschlechts vorgestellt hat, geboren ____
Gender has presented, born _____

um _____ Uhr _____ mittags, im Hause Nr. _____ Gasse,
at _____ O’clock _____ noon, in House No. _____ Street,

erzeugt von _____
begat by _____


und welchem _____ Vornamen _____
and which _____ First Name _____


geben zu wollen erklärt hat.
has declared to want to give.

Diese Erklärung und Vorstellung sind geschehen in Gegenwart des _____
This Statement and Presentation are done in the Presence of _____

_____ , alt _____ Jahre _____
_____ , aged _____ Years, _____

wohnhaft zu _____ und des _____
residing in _____ and _____

_____ , alt _____ Jahre _____
_____ , aged _____ Years _____

wohnhaft zu _____ und haben die Komparenten diese
residing in _____ and the Appearing Parties have this

Urkunde, nachdem sie ihnen vorgelesen worden, mit Uns unterschrieben.
Deed, having been read to them, with us signed.

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