Monday, October 27, 2014

Amanuensis Monday: Michel STROESSER’s birth certificate

Continuing my project from last week, today I will present my transcription and amateurish translation of the birth certificate of one Michel STROESSER, the eldest brother of my great-grandfather Harry STROESSER.

This image has been trimmed from the original at FamilySearch.

Transcription (the italicized parts were handwritten on the record):

Im Jahre tausend achthundert drei und siebzig, den vierten
des Monats Dezember um zehn Uhr Vor mittags ist vor Uns
Theodor Welbes Bürgermeister Beamten des Civilstandes
der Gemeinde Wahl, im Kanton Redingen, Grossher=
zogthum Luxemburg, erschienen Stroesser Peter Eisunhandsler
alt dreißig neun Jahre
wohnhaft zu Heispelt, welche Uns ein Kind Männlichen
Geschlechts vorgestellt, hat geboren zu Heispelt vorgestern um
zehn Uhr Vormittags von ihn Deklamators und seine
Ehefrau Thines Barbara ohne Stand alt zwanzig neun Jahre
und welchem er den Vornamen Michel
geben zu wollen erklärt hat.
Diese Erklärung und Vorstellung sind geschehen in Gegenwart des Flammang
Martin Feldfüter, alt vierzig zwei Jahre
wohnhaft zu Heispelt und des Biver Peter Ackerer
, alt vierzig sieben Jahre
wohnhaft zu Kuborn und haben den Vater
des Kinder und buide zunpen die gegenwärtige Urkunde,
nachdem sie ihnen vorgelesen worden, mit Uns unterschrieben.

Line by line Translation:

In the Year one thousand eight hundred and seventy three, the fourth
of the Month of December at ten o'clock Before noon is before Us
Theodor Welbes Bürgermeister Officials of the Civil State
of the Commune of Wahl, in the Canton Redingen, Grand-
duchy of Luxembourg, appeared Stroesser Peter Blacksmith
aged thirty-nine Years
residing in Heispelt, which to us a child of the Male
Gender presented, born in Heispelt the day before yesterday at
ten o’clock in the Morning by his Declamation and his
Lawful wife Thines Barbara without Occupation aged twenty-nine Years
and which he the First Name Michel
has declared to want to give.
This Statement and Presentation are done in the Presence of Flammang
Martin Field watchman , aged forty-two Years
residing in Heispelt and Biver Peter Farmer
, aged forty-seven Years
residing in Kuborn and have the Father
of the Children and both bear witness to this present Deed,
having been read to them, with us signed.

Family lore has it that “Mike” STROESSER also immigrated to North America, and ended up somewhere in Ontario, Canada. I have not yet been able to prove any New World records to my satisfaction, but they would be irrelevant to this particular project anyway. This is the only Luxembourgish civil registration document for Michel STROESSER. (Update: I was wrong. He was married in Luxembourg as well. Also, there are now some verified New World records.)

In honor of Michel STROESSER, I am adding my template for the 1873 Luxembourg birth records to my collection. Enjoy!



Wahl, Redange, Luxembourg, birth certificate no. 32 (1873), Michel Stroesser; digital image #99, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, "Naissances 1867-1890-- RINDSCHLEIDEN: Mariages 1796-1797, 1800-1804, 1805-1823 -- WAHL: Mariages 1796-1803, 1805-1890 -.," FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 May 2010).


  1. I'm related to Michel "Mike" through his son Johann-Peter aka "Nick" and his wife, Teresa Vossen.

    Nick and Teresa settled in Manitoba, Canada and had four children:
    - Donna (born around 1930)
    - Trent (My maternal grandfather born 1932)
    - Guy (born around1934)
    - Roy (born around 1936)
    I don't know when Donna, Guy and Roy were born for certain.
    I do know that Donna's married name was/is Worel.
    She had 3 kids: Karen, Wayne and Phylis. (In that order)
    I'm not certain of Guy and Roy's children, or if they had kids.

    My grandfather, Trent Stroesser was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 31st, 1932.
    On December 07th, 1957 he married Joyce Laszlo (born April 21, 1941 in Saskatchewan, Canada) in Manitoba.
    They had 4 children:
    -Kathy Stroesser on October 11th, 1958 in Gimli, Manitoba.
    She had a daughter named Cynthia Stroesser in July of 1977, but she was placed for adoption.
    -Trent Stroesser Jr. on April 03rd, 1960 in Gimli, Manitoba
    Trent Jr. has no children.
    -Joanne Stroesser (Billson) on May 10th, 1961 in Germany.
    On August 02nd, 1986 Joanne married Bradford "Brad" Billson in Manitoba.
    They had 3 sons: Harlen, born February 13th 1996, Whitney, born and died 1997 and Griffin, born August 02nd, 1999.
    Joanne and Brad are no longer married as of 2015.
    -Tracy Stroesser (Hamilton) on June 12th, 1962 in France.
    She also spells her name "Tracey". This is my mother.
    With my father Philip Hamilton (born December 29th, 1959)
    they had my sister, Chelan and I.
    Chelan was born November 12th, 1986.
    She has 3 sons:
    Alexzander Sim, Xavier Sim and Zayden Newbery.
    I was born on December 19th,1987.
    My name is Cherish, and I've yet to have children.
    My parents married on January 31st, 1997 after a long engagement.
    But have been separated since 2005.

    My Grandpa was in the Canadian Air Force and was sent over to Europe, while there my aunt Joanne and mom were born.

    I'm not sure of anything else at the moment.
    I hope this bit of info has help in some form or another.
    If I do learn anything I'll find a way to message you.

    And thank you so much for doing this. :)

  2. I forgot to add that my nephews birth dates.
    They were all born in Kamloops B.C. Canada, like myself and sister.
    Alexzander was born January 04th, 2007.
    Xavier was born December 18th, 2007.
    Zayden was born May 20th, 2011.

    1. Wow! Thank you for all that information!

  3. No problem at all.
    I learned my grandpa Trent was actually born in 1934, and not 1932.
    And I wanna thank you for posting all this and doing this..I learned a few things about my Stroesser tree.
    Thank you so much for doing all of this :)