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Wedding Wednesday: Rose Edith STROESSER and Francis Albert “Jack” HOYT, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Mr. Francis Albert Hoyt, Jr.
Saturday morning, the twenty-fifth of June
Nineteen hundred and forty-nine
at nine o’clock
Saint Cecilia’s Cathedral
Omaha, Nebraska

Rose Edith STROESSER and Francis Albert “Jack” HOYT, Jr. were my grandparents. I have already recorded the story of how they met one another here. The announcement of their engagement went out on page 70 of the 8 May 1949 edition of Omaha’s Sunday World Herald:

Stroesser-Hoyt Wedding June 15
   Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Rose Stroesser, to Francis A. Hoyt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Hoyt, Sr., of Council Bluffs.
   Miss Stroesser and Mr. Hoyt will be married June 25 at 9 a. m., in the St. Cecilia’s Cathedral.

Rose was the fourth STROESSER girl to marry in St. Cecilia’s Cathedral. A couple weeks before the wedding, her sister Clare (who had been married nine years before), threw her a bridal shower.

Page 18 of the 2 June 1949 issue of the Evening World-Herald:

Shower to Honor June Bride-Elect
   A bridal shower will be given this evening by Mrs. Robert Hill for Miss Rose Stroesser, who will be married in St. Cecilia’s Cathedral June 25 to Francis A. Hoyt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Hoyt, Sr., of Council Bluffs. Miss Stroesser is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser.
An unidentified newpaper clipping found in Grandma’s family album announced the upcoming wedding.

Cathedral Rites For Miss Stroesser

In a ceremony Saturday morning at St. Cecilia’s cathedral, Miss Rose Stroesser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser, will become the bride of Francis Albert Hoyt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Hoyt, Sr., of Council Bluffs.

Matron of honor will be Mrs. Robert Hill, sister of the bride, and two other sisters, the Misses Therese and Joan Stroesser, will be bridesmaids. A brother, Edward Stroesser, will be best man and Dan and Joe Stroesser will usher. Rita Johnson, niece of the bride, will be ring bearer.

A wedding breakfast will be held in the Commanders’ Room of the Legion Club and in the evening a recetpion [sic] is planned at the Stroesser home.

The wedding took place on 25 June 1949. Two newspaper clippings, one which I have been able to identify and one I still have not found in any archives, described the wedding.

Page 56 of the 26 June 1949 issue of the Sunday World-Herald:

St. Cecilia’s Scene of Rite
Rose Stroesser Wed to Francis Hoyt
    St. Cecilia’s Cathedral was the scene of the wedding Saturday of Miss Rose E. Stroesser and Francis A. Hoyt, Jr., of Council Bluffs. Mrgr. Ernest Graham performed the 9 a.m. ceremony. Mrs. Winifred Traynor Flanagan was organist.
    The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser. Mr. Hoyt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Hoyt of Council Bluffs.
    The bride’s gown of white satin had a marquisette yoke outlined with seed pearl embroidery. The full skirt had a three-yard train. A tiara of sequins held her fingertip illusion veil. She carried white roses with streamers of stephanotis.
    Mrs. Robert Hill, matron of honor for her sister, wore a gown of pink satin brocade and carried green carnations. She had a matching floral tiara.
    Miss Therese and Miss Joan Stroesser, bridesmaids for their sister, wore similar gowns of taffeta and net in orchid and yellow. They carried contrasting bouquets of carnations, and wore similar flowers in their hair.
    The bride’s brother, Daniel Stroesser, was best man. Michael Ferryman and Richard Rosso ushered.
    An evening reception was given at the home of the bride, and a wedding breakfast at the Legion Club. After a trip to Denver, Colo., the couple will live in Omaha.

   In St. Cecilia’s cathedral in Omaha, Miss Rose E. Stroesser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser of Omaha, became the bride of Francis A. Hoyt, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Hoyt, sr., of this city, Saturday morning.
   Msgr. Ernest A. Graham celebrated the nuptial mass, at which time a double ring ceremony was used.
    Mrs. Winifred Traynor Flanagan was the organist.
   The bride wore a gown of white satin with a marquisette yoke outlined with seed pearls. The skirt swept into a three-yard train and her finger tip veil fell from a tiara of sequins. She carried a bouquet of white roses with a shower of ribbon streamers.
   Mrs. Robert Hill, sister of the bride, was matron of honor and wore a gown of rose brocaded satin with a bolero jacket. She carried a bouquet of green carnations and a tiara of matching carnations was in her hair.
   Misses Joan and Therese Stroesser, sisters of the bride, were the bridesmaids. They wore matching gowns of taffeta and net in shades of orchid and yellow respectively. They carried carnations which were in contrast with their gowns and wore matching carnation tiaras in their hair.
   Rita Johnson, daughter of Sgt. and Mrs.K. L. Johnson, niece of the bride, was the ring bearer.
   Daniel Stroesser, brother of the bride, was the best man and ushers were Richard Rosso and Michael Ferryman.
   A reception followed the ceremony at the home of the bride’s parents, 417 North Fortieth street, in Omaha.
  Out-of-town guests at the wedding were Mrs. John J. Korman and family of Philadelphia, Pa. Warrant Officer and Mrs. George Ehmen, jr., and family of Denver, Col.
   The couple left on a wedding trip to Denver, Col., and on their return will reside in Council Bluffs.
The last newspaper clipping related to my grandparents’ wedding appears to contain text, but upon closer examination the text has nothing to do with their wedding. The picture is the star of this clipping. I remember Grandma being still very proud of this picture in the newspaper, more than fifty years later. The original is a beautiful, hand-tinted photograph too large to fit on my scanner.

You can easily see where I stitched the two halves of the photo together. A note inserted into the envelope with this picture identifies it as the original of the one in the paper, however close inspection (the sweep of the fabric, position of the veil, etc.) disproves that. It is, however, extraordinarily similar and clearly taken during the same session.

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Wedding Wednesday: Joan STROESSER and Thomas WELSH

Page 34 of the 26 Dec 1957 issue of the San Diego Union:
William Schwake, 26; Charlotte Koehler, 30.
Thomas Welsh, 24; Joan Stroesser, 24.
Norman Peace, 22; Theresa Augustin, 22.
Lawrence Howard, 24; Joyce Littleton, 19.
John Maher, 32; Harriet Bobbs, 28.
Leland Brown, 44; Janette English, 44.
Carmel Cordova, 22; Dolores Velasquez, 19.
Benjamin Buzzell Jr., 28; Lydora Johnson, 22.
Henry Watkins, 31; Barbara Wahler, 26 [?].
Robert Bianco, 31; Marie Smith, 43.
John Reid, 24; Barbara Dow, 23.
Cecil Brooks, 21; Lily Vosgerau, 25.
Benjamin Strick, 23; Patricia Bryngelson, 19.
Boyne Kirkham, 27; Margaret Mitchell, 26.
Clarence Carman, 39; Joan Scott, 39.
Charles Stell, 27; Dorothy Waite, 26.
Frederick Hearn, 58; Sylvia Westfall, 49.
Richard Cowan, 29; Dorothy Gibbins, 26.
Waldon Riggs, 19; Carolynn Murphy, 18.
Arthur Sutorus, 21; Alice Preibisius, 21.
Kenneth Harmon, 24; Mary Burns, 21.
Joe Hull, 18; Carol Rogers, 17.
Herbert Ledgerwood, 27; Christine Eagerton, 25.
This is the only article I have run across regarding the marriages of Tom WELSH and Joan STROESSER. Joan STROESSER was the daughter of Harry and Mary STROESSER of Omaha, Nebraska, and my grandmothers youngest sister.

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Wedding Wednesday: Anne STROESSER and George EHMEN

Page 18 of the 1 Oct 1943 edition of Omaha’s Evening World-Herald:
Tell Engagement of Miss Stroesser
   Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Anne E. Stroesser, to Warrant Officer George Ehmen, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ehmen of North Platte. Miss Stroesser attended Technical High school. Mr. Ehmen is with the army air force at Mitchel field near New York City.
This Anne STROESSER was my grandma, Rose Edith STROESSER’s, older sister and the fourth daughter of my great-grandparents, Harry and Mary STROESSER.

 Page 5 of the 20 Nov 1943 of the Evening World-Herald:
Miss Stroesser Wed to George Ehmen, Jr.
   Miss Anne Stroesser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser, was married Wednesday in Our Lady’s chapel at St. Cecilia's church to Warrant Officer George Ehmen, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ehmen of North Platte, Neb. The Rev. John Downey officiated.
   After brief visits in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., and New York City, the couple will reside near Fort Dix, N. J., where the bridegroom is stationed.
Anne was the third of the STROESSER girls known to have been married in St. Cecilia’s cathedral.

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Wedding Wednesday: Clara STROESSER and Robert Leo HILL

Page 8 of the 23 Nov 1940 edition of Omaha's Evening World-Herald:
Clara Stroesser to Be Wed Monday
   Miss Clara Frances Stroesser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stroesser, will be married Monday to Robert Leo Hill, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hill. Msgr. E. J. Hunkeler will perform the morning ceremony at St. Cecilia’s cathedral.
Clara STROESSER was the second daughter of Harry STROESSER and his wife Mary Josephine (CRAIG), and my grandmother’s older sister. One of their other sisters, Kay, had been married the previous year, also at St. Cecilia’s cathedral. Clara and her husband were always referred to by my branch of the family, and, I believe, all the other STROESSER branches, as “Clare and Tudd.” They continued to reside in Omaha for the rest of their lives.

In the same issue of the Evening World-Herald, but on page 14, Clare and Tudd appeared in the list of marriage licenses.

Name and Address.                            Age.
Theodore Gurazany, 2922 Gold St. .....31
Vera Grezywa, 4436 G St. ............27

Monroe Wells, Sioux City, Ia. .......33
Roberta Olson Binder, Sioux City, Ia. .26

James Raymond Penny, 3511 Harney St. ..........................over 21
Mary Ann Falcone, 1230 South Seventh St. ...................over 21

Joseph E. Eakley, 2537 Cass St. ......21
Margaret Roach, 4418 Cass St. .......21

Robert Leo Hill, 4011 Cuming St. .....27
Clara Stroesser, 417 N. 40th St. .......22

Joseph P. Faluck, St. Louis, Mo. ......27
Marcia Dillon, 2612 C St. ............21

Donald C. Higgins, 2020 S. 20th St. ....22
Marjorie M. Milotz, 2440 Redick Ave. 19

Paul R. Vannatten, Minneapolis, Minn. .........................over 21
Gloria E. Meadows, 1004 N. 49th St. ..............................over 21

Allan L. Means, 2309 S. 33d St. ......23
Naomi Chapman, 2853 Fowler Ave. ...22

(I have included all the marriage licenses in my transcription for the benefit of those who might be related to others on the list.)

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Sunday’s Obituary: Harry STROESSER

Page 12 of the 29 Feb 1964 issue of Omaha’s Evening World-Herald:
Harry Stroesser, 85, Courthouse Carpenter
    Harry Stroesser, 85, of 417 North Fortieth Street, a carpenter who was a union member and officer for more than 50 years, died Friday at home.
    Mr. Stroesser was born in Luxembourg and came to Omaha about 1910. He was the Douglas County Courthouse carpenter from 1930 to 1953.
    Survivors: wife Mary; daughters Therese, Santa Monica, Cal.; Mrs. Mary Johnson, San Diego; Mrs. Clara Hill, Omaha; Mrs. Catherine Korman, Philadelphia; Mrs. Anna Ehmen, Santa Maria, Cal.; Mrs. Rose Hoyt, Salem, Ore.; Mrs. Joan Welsh, Van Nuys, Cal.; and sons Edward, Dan and Joseph, all of Omaha.
    Services are pending at the Leo A. Hoffman Mortuary.

Harry STROESSER, born Johann STROESSER in Heispelt, Luxembourg on 18 Oct 1878, was my great-grandfather. I am not certain at what point he stopped using the name Johann; by the time he reached the U.S. he was known as Harry, or Henry for more formal occasions.

His obituary had been printed earlier in the day, on page 22 of the regular edition of the Omaha World-Herald, with an error in his age and an omission of his funeral services. Otherwise the two obituaries are much the same.

For the following three days, he appeared in the death and funeral announcement section of the various editions of the World-Herald.

A holy card in memory of Harry STROESSER,  probably given out on occasion of his funeral, was found among the effects of his daughter Rose, my grandmother.

Front of holy card
Back of holy card