Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday’s Obituary: Peter STROESSER

Page 23 of the 3 Nov 1927 issue of the Evening World-Herald:

STROSSER--Peter, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strosser, 417 N. 40th St.
   Services at 11:30 a. m. Thursday, Interment Holy Sepulcher.

Peter was the third (and, fortunately, the last) of Harry and Mary STROESSER’s sons to die in infancy. His brother Joseph George’s death notice appeared in last week’s “Sunday’s Obituary” post. I have not as yet found a notice for the death of the first of these unlucky infants, Francis. 

Two years after this loss, Harry and Mary were blessed with the birth of a son who managed to survive infancy. This child was apparently named in remembrance of his less fortunate brothers: Joseph Peter Francis. 

There were also two older boys who survived: Edward (“Ed”) and Daniel (“Dan”), as well as seven girls: Mary, Clara (or Clare), Catherine (“Kay”), Anna (or Anne), Rose, Therese (“Teri”), and Joan.

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